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Our objective is to be a preferred recruitment partner for German companies. Oktogon GmbH is a specialist recruitment consultancy located in Stuttgart. Our ambition is to be our job seeker and employer preferred recruitment partner by demonstrating our knowledge in making the correct match.  Our commitment is also to react promptly to the need of the Customer in finding the right professional mostly from the European job market. Our core areas of specialism include:



We have Knowledge of each of our sectors through our specialist business lines. We would like to help organizations and employees to achieve respectively their business goals and career ambitions. Whether you are looking for a temporary, contracting or permanent position, we will do our job to match you with the organization that will support and develop your skill. If you are an hiring organization searching for a particular skill, we will connect you promptly with the target professional mostly from Europe to be able to achieve your business goals. Whenever you are looking for a single freelancer or employee or you have a need to conduct large volume recruitment campaigns we can meet all these needs too.


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