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Oktogon GmbH as  specialized recruitment consultancy Company  is known among IT and Engineering Companies mostly in Germany. To wider our spectrum of Business however we cooperate  with many  other hiring organizations having interest in specialists present in our Data Base. With this business model, Job-seekers is guaranteed a relatively short waiting time.

Entering the CV

Entering the CV and Associating related ID Number

Oktogon GmbH will associate the CV with the “Oktogon Sequence Number”. Oktogon GmbH will, short after that, contact the applicant to clarify aspects such as: availability, general needs, wishes, other, these will appear in the “Comment Part” of the related CV and visible to the Employer/Hiring Organizations.

association with category

CV Association with Category

The CV will be associated an IT/Engineering/Other Specialists Category. If not present yet in the Data Base the Category will be created on spot.

Protection of Data

Protection of Personal Data

Oktogon GmbH due to its commitment to respect the privacy will not show in the CVs, as they appear to the employer, any personal data (apart Nationality). The Personal data will be visible to Oktogon GmbH only .


Job Notification

The applicant will be immediately notified for any enquiry with respect to the own CV from any employer/hiring organization.

Applying to employer

Personal Data Disclosure

The Personal data associated to the CV will be disclosed to the employer only in occasion of an interview.

Temporary Job

Temporary Job or Freelance

For a temporary Job, like freelancer, contract of Service Provision will be issued between the applicant and Oktogon GmbH, once the employer/ hiring organization is certain having found the right match JOB-CV