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Oktogon GmbH as  specialized recruitment consultancy Company  is known among IT and Engineering Companies mostly in Germany. To wider our spectrum of Business however we cooperate  with many  other hiring organizations having interest in specialists present in our Data Base. With this business model, Job-seekers is guaranteed a relatively short waiting time.

Granting access

Granting Access

Only employer/hiring organization can view our Data Base, with user and password granted by contacting Oktogon GmbH with access@my-oktogon.de


Employer Enquiry

Oktogon GmbH will react readily to any enquiry from the employer/hiring organizations with respect to the CV of interest and identified by the “Oktogon Sequence Number”.

legal issues and contract

Legal Issues and Contracts

When employer/hiring organizations is sure to interview the applicant, bureaucratic issues may need to be resolved, as well as ratification of agreements with Oktogon GmbH.

liaison between the two parties

Liaison between the two parties

Oktogon will act as a liaison between the two parties (Applicant and employer/hiring organizations) until the final agreement and employment of the candidate.

Temporary Job

Temporary Job / Freelancer

For a temporary Job, like freelancer, contract of Service Provision will be issued between employer/hiring organization and Oktogon GmbH


Permanent Job

For a permanent position, work contract will be issued only between employer/hiring organization and the applicant.