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# Job Title and Description Specialization Category Starting Date Employment Type Job Reference Code
1 Lab Assistant (m / w) IT Lab and Trials ASAP Freelancer D-A388
2 Elektroingenieur / Ingenieur für Antriebstechnik (m / w) Engineering Development and Research ASAP Freelancer D-A389
3 Funknetzplaner Im Mobilfunknetz (m/w) IT Funknetzplaner Im Mobilfunknetz (m/w) ASAP Permanent D-A390
4 Traininingsingenieur Für Digitalfunk (m/w) IT Traininingsingenieur ASAP Permanent D-A391
5 Integration Test Engineer IT Integration Test Engineer ASAP Freelancer D-A392
6 Embedded FDD FW Developer (m/f) IT FW Developer ASAP Freelancer D-A393
7 Wireless Tester IT SW Integration Testing ASAP Freelances D-A394
8 IOT Engineer (m/f) IT SW Integration Tester ASAP Freelancer D-A395
9 SW Development C/C++ (m/f) IT SW Development ASAP Freelancer D-A396
10 SW Tester (m/w) IT SW Tester ASAP Freelancer D-A397
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