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Oktogon GmbH is committed to observing high standards of honesty, integrity and ethical conduct in all its operations. This includes respecting the privacy of its customers, job seeker, and other parties. On this site the main principles for processing Personal Data within Oktogon GmbH to ensure adequate protection for the rights of the Data Subjects.

Privacy is important for Oktogon GmbH

Oktogon GmbH is committed to respecting all international and national laws regarding privacy and this commitment is also inherent in our Code of Conduct: “All personal data collected and held by Oktogon GmbH will be processed fairly, lawfully and carefully and in a way that protects the privacy and rights of individuals”.
The wide-spread use of communication and information technologies infiltrates in various aspects of daily life, the need to protect and retain control over the personal data and privacy of individuals increases. Oktogon GmbH as Service Company understands the very dynamic privacy challenges and concerns of the customers and job seeker.

What about customer’s and job seeker data ?

Oktogon GmbH complies to strict standards when processing personal data of the customers and of job seeker. When Oktogon handles personal data controlled by a customer or a job seeker it is usually doing so on behalf of them. This means that the customer and the job seeker will remain the “owner” of the data and determines as well as remains responsible for the purposes for and the manner in which the personal data are, or are to be processed.
The contract between Oktogon GmbH and the customer often specifies certain obligations, requirements and restrictions for the processing of the customer’s data. The customer is responsible for making sure that these instructions are suitable and adequate to be compliant with laws applicable to the data. When handling customer’s data, Oktogon GmbH strictly follows these instructions.


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